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WorkSafeNB, Enbridge Gas New Brunswick remind employers to ensure gas meters are clearly visible

With excessive snow accumulation and poor visibility from winter storm activity, WorkSafeNB and Enbridge Gas New Brunswick are reminding employers and employees to take extra precautions near natural gas meters.

Two recent incidents in the Moncton area have prompted safety concerns for workers and the general public. Both incidents involved snowplow operators striking gas meters.

“Business owners, employers or managers of a business in New Brunswick are responsible for ensuring that gas meters are clearly visible on their property,” said Richard Blais, director of Compliance and Regulatory Review at WorkSafeNB. “This helps workers recognize the risks and take appropriate precautions.”

“Meters and external vent pipes must also be kept free of snow and ice buildup,” said Ed Armstrong, manager of Distribution Operations for Enbridge Gas New Brunswick. “Clearing snow and ice away from the gas meter and external vent pipes ensures that both the meter and your appliances function safely, and safety is our top priority.” 

Enbridge and WorkSafeNB also ask that snow-removal contractors and building occupants be mindful not to plow, blow or shovel snow on top of gas meters, vents and piping.  “Enbridge has responded to several sites where snow from parking lots and/or roof tops was piled high on top of meter sets. This has the potential to cause damage to the meter set and piping infrastructure,” Armstrong said.

"Snow-removal operators also have a role in watching for gas meters, piping and vents and avoiding contact at all times,” Blais added. “Anyone clearing snow by shovel, snowblower, truck or other mechanical equipment must exercise extreme caution near gas meters and lines.” 

Enbridge asks that business owners check the area around their natural gas meters regularly to make sure that roof run-off, freezing rain or water from eaves troughs does not cause ice buildup.

Anyone with questions regarding safety around natural gas meters and lines and proper care during the winter months, is asked to contact Enbridge Gas New Brunswick at 1 800 994-2762 or WorkSafeNB at 1 800 222-9755.