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Enbridge Gas New Brunswick Reminds Customers About Winter Safety

Enbridge Gas New Brunswick launched its Winter Safety campaign this month to remind customers to take special care and attention with natural gas equipment that’s exposed to the elements during the cold winter months. A buildup of ice and snow could lead to the interruption of the natural gas supply, faulty appliance performance or even a hazardous situation.

“It is the customer’s responsibility to regularly check for and keep snow and ice from building up and covering their natural gas meters, gas piping and appliance exhaust vents,” said Ed Armstrong, Manager of Distribution Operations for Enbridge Gas New Brunswick. “We ask customers to prevent potential hazards during the winter months by using a broom or car brush to gently clear snow around their meter and appliance vents.”

Enbridge Gas New Brunswick encourages customers to check the area around their natural gas meters regularly to make sure that roof run-off, freezing rain or water from eaves troughs does not cause a buildup of ice. Customers are also asked to use extra caution when using shovels, plows or snow blowers to avoid piling snow against natural gas meters, piping and appliance exhaust vents. Snow removal providers should also be aware of this responsibility.

“Safety is our number one priority at Enbridge Gas New Brunswick and we want to ensure our customers are taking the appropriate measures to keep their natural gas equipment in good working order during the winter months,” said Armstrong. “If customers do discover their natural gas meters are covered in ice, we urge them to call Enbridge Gas New Brunswick’s customer service line immediately. Please do not attempt to remove the ice yourself,” he added.

Enbridge Gas New Brunswick’s customer service line is 1-800-994-2762.