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Enbridge Gas New Brunswick Reminds Customers about Gas Equipment Safety

Public Safety Advisory

With stormy weather hitting southern New Brunswick today, Enbridge Gas New Brunswick is reminding customers to be prepared for potential flooding and to keep ice from building up on their natural gas meters to avoid interruption of natural gas supply, faulty appliance performance and hazardous situations.

“Safety is our number one priority,” says Ed Armstrong, manager of distribution operations. “As such, we are encouraging all customers to take the necessary precautions for possible flooding. Water damage due to flooding can impair the safe operation of natural gas equipment and appliances.”

Enbridge Gas New Brunswick also encourages customers to check the area around their natural gas meters to make sure that roof run-off, freezing rain or water from eaves troughs does not cause a buildup of ice.

Armstrong encourages customers to call Enbridge Gas New Brunswick at 1-800-994-2762 if they expect flooding or have damage due to excess water at their home or business. A natural gas technician will go to the premise, turn off the natural gas supply and disconnect the natural gas equipment and appliances, free of charge. If the technician determines that the appliances need to be moved, the customer will be advised to relocate them to a suitable storage area.

The utility is asking customers not to enter any flooded or partially-flooded areas with natural gas equipment or appliances and not to attempt to restart appliances that have come in contact with water before they have been properly inspected and cleaned by a licensed natural gas technician. After flood waters recede, an Enbridge Gas New Brunswick technician will return to the home or business to conduct a safety inspection and turn on the natural gas supply.

“Our field crews are prepared and ready to respond to all calls about possible flood damage to natural gas appliances and equipment,” says Armstrong.

If customers discover that their natural gas meter(s) and/or equipment are covered in ice, or for any other natural gas emergency, they are asked to contact Enbridge Gas New Brunswick immediately at 1 (800) 994-2762.