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Enbridge Gas New Brunswick launches Enbridge NB Answers website

Fredericton, NB - On Monday, October 6, 2014 Enbridge Gas New Brunswick is launching EnbridgeNBAnswers.ca, a question and answer website where customers can get simple answers to all their questions about New Brunswick’s public natural gas distribution utility and natural gas. 

“Customers have questions,” explains Gilles Volpé, General Manager of Enbridge Gas New Brunswick. “It’s clear that we need to give customers a forum to ask anything they want to know about us and the natural gas delivered to them, and to be open and transparent in our answers.”

The public natural gas utility is also using the site as a platform to recognize hard-working and community-involved employees, and to highlight happy customers using natural gas.

To learn more and have your questions answered, visit www.EnbridgeNBAnswers.ca.


Contact Information: 

Sara Gourley
Enbridge Gas New Brunswick
(506) 470-4145