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Enbridge Gas New Brunswick files an application to the EUB

FREDERICTON, December 21, 2015 – This afternoon, Enbridge Gas New Brunswick filed a rate application with the New Brunswick Energy and Utilities Board (EUB) to establish distribution rates and charges in 2016 that would allow customers to see savings compared to other energy sources and the utility to recover its full operating costs.

As a regulated public gas distribution utility, Enbridge Gas New Brunswick submits applications on an annual basis that are reviewed and approved by the EUB as part of an open and transparent regulatory process.

“For the second year in a row, the costs to operate the public utility are decreasing.” explains Gilles Volpé, Enbridge Gas New Brunswick’s General Manager, “This has been achieved through prudent management. Controlling and reducing expenses has resulted in rate reductions and rate stability for Enbridge’s customers.”

Enbridge is proposing to lower the total cost of natural gas for all commercial customers. Natural gas continues to be a significantly lower cost alternative compared to other energy sources, by as much as 30% for large commercial customers compared to oil.

For residential customers, who choose to purchase their gas supply from Enbridge, the total cost of natural gas being proposed represents a 1.2% decrease on an annual basis. Residential customers will continue to save 20% annually as compared to electricity.

Enbridge Gas New Brunswick remains committed to providing clean and economical natural gas in a safe and reliable manner to its 12,000 customers in New Brunswick for years to come.