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Don’t curb your comfort…convert today

FREDERICTON- With the winter season quickly approaching, thoughts of keeping warm come to mind and if you’ve considered making a change to your current heating system, now is the time to act and consider natural gas.

Not acting soon, could result in having to wait until spring for natural gas service to your home as it takes time to plan and install in-ground natural gas piping and the construction needs to happen before the ground becomes too frozen.

“It’s not an overnight job and the appropriate amount of time needs to be taken in order to ensure safe, quality work,” explains Sarah Brown, Manager of Residential Programs. “Unfortunately due to the climate here in New Brunswick we cannot construct all winter long. If homeowners want natural gas service to their home then they have to make the decision now, otherwise we may not be able to get to them until the ground is thawed.”

Brown explains that the decision to convert should be made soon and that there are incentives for acting now.

“Enbridge Gas New Brunswick is offering up to $3,500 in incentives until October 30, 2009 for homeowners who convert their existing heat and hot water system to natural gas,” she says. “As well there are programs through Efficiency New Brunswick and resources through the federal government such as the ecoRetrofit program and the Home Renovation Tax Credit that are available for homeowners to help lower costs associated with converting.”

Brown recommends that homeowners wanting to convert to natural gas should get in touch with Enbridge Gas New Brunswick as soon as possible, as winter is just around the corner.

For more information visit www.naturalgasnb.com or call 1-866-3-GET-GAS.