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Call Before You Dig! To Locate Natural Gas Pipelines

With construction season underway, Enbridge Gas New Brunswick is reminding people that they are required by law to call before digging, excavating or landscaping. One phone call will allow Enbridge Gas New Brunswick to make sure there are no underground natural gas pipelines in a particular project area. 

“Safety is our top priority and that’s why we are taking proactive steps to encourage people to obey the law and call us,” explains Ed Armstrong, manager of distribution operations for Enbridge Gas New Brunswick. 

“Not calling could be costly,” says Armstrong. “Digging in the wrong spot could cut off essential services to neighborhoods and cause damage or personal injury.” 

Homeowners and contractors are required by law to determine the location of buried natural gas pipelines before breaking ground and anyone who fails to determine the location of underground pipes and causes damage to a natural gas line is liable for at least the cost of repairs and could face additional fines or charges.

Enbridge Gas New Brunswick provides a free natural gas pipeline locating service in the communities it serves to protect the public and prevent damage or service disruptions. As part of the free locating service, the public is urged to plan ahead by calling at least two working days in advance of any digging. Enbridge Gas New Brunswick personnel will inspect the property and indicate if and/or where underground pipes are located.

Everyone in all service areas is responsible to Call Before You Dig. If there is natural gas in your area, there may be natural gas pipelines running through your property, so it is still important to call Enbridge Gas New Brunswick before doing any digging, even if you are not a natural gas customer.

“Don’t take a chance. Always call before doing any sort of digging. One phone call can protect you, the public and your wallet,” says Armstrong.

For more general information visit the Call Before You Dig page, or to book a locate service, call the toll-free number at 1-800-994-2762. (In Saint John call 1-866-344-5463.)


Enbridge Gas New Brunswick is regulated by the New Brunswick Energy and Utilities Board and has a distribution network that includes over 800 kilometers of natural gas pipeline. Enbridge Gas New Brunswick serves over 12,000 customers in Dieppe, Dorchester, Fredericton, Moncton, Oromocto, Riverview, Sackville, Saint John, St. George and St. Stephen.