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Flooding & Natural Gas Safety

Be Prepared!

If you expect flooding in your basement:

Step 1 - Call Liberty Utilities at 1-800-994-2762. We will come to your home/business free of charge and turn the supply of natural gas off at the gas meter. A technician will turn off the natural gas service and cap the gas line outside at the meter, if required. It is your responsibility to decide to relocate your equipment.
Step 2 - If your equipment needs to be moved, you will be responsible to disconnect and relocate it to a suitable storage area, and any associated costs will be your responsibility. (You may contact a local contractor to obtain pricing for this service.)

Why would I need to move my natural gas equipment?

Natural gas appliances including furnaces, boilers and water heaters that have been submerged, partially submerged, have come in contact with water or had their gas or electrical controls come in contact with water are considered unsafe and must not be used until inspected by a licensed gas technician.

If the electrical components become submerged in water, the equipment will need to be replaced and unfortunately, no warranty from the manufacturer or Liberty Utilities will apply.

After the water has receded:

Step 3 - You will need to ensure that the area is clean and cleared from all residue and water. We advise that you do no enter a basement where there is standing water. No Liberty Utilities employee will enter a basement with standing water.
Step 4 - If your gas meter was turned off, it may only be turned back on by a qualified Liberty Utilities Technician. Contact Liberty Utilities to request a post flood inspection. A technician will come to your home/ business, free of charge, to check the equipment and turn your meter back on. If for any reason your equipment requires service, a service charge will apply. At this time, you will have the option of choosing a service provider to complete the work.

When a major flood occurs in one of our service areas:

Liberty Utilities responds to major floods by going to homes and businesses in areas where significant flooding has been reported and shutting off natural gas service to affected customer premises at the meter. This is done as a precaution until all natural gas equipment and appliances can be inspected. (All representatives carry identification.)

If natural gas supply to the premises is shut off at the meter as a precautionary safety measure, we will arrange a time to inspect and, if necessary, repair or replace the meter and regulator set at no charge to the customer. If for any reason your equipment requires service, a service charge will apply.

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to set up an appointment, please call us at 1-800-994-2762 (select option 2).