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Click Before You Dig

Are you installing a fence, landscaping or digging a garden? Are you planning on renovating or building an addition to your home? Maybe you’re excavating for a new porch or swimming pool?

Digging in the wrong spot during renovations could damage the underground network of natural gas pipes, telephone, hydro and cable TV wires, as well as water and sewer connections. This could cut off service not just to your home, but also to the entire neighbourhood. You do not want your usually friendly neighbours banging on your door to demand to know why they can’t watch their favourite shows. Besides missing TV shows, you could cause a safety risk to yourself and others by digging in the wrong spot.

Homeowners and contractors are required by law to obtain the location of buried natural gas pipes before breaking ground. So before you dig, call 1-866-344-5463 or visit ClickBeforeYouDig.com to request a free utility line locate.