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A Q&A with Mama’s Pub

Enbridge Account Manager Patrick Nicholson and Marketing Assistant Garett Gee grabbed a bite to eat at the pub that was Enbridge’s VERY FIRST customer: Mama’s Brew Pub on Brookside Drive in Fredericton!

Mama’s has been through a lot of changes since 1992 when it originally opened on Main Street in Fredericton, NB. It was known as a place to go for great pub style comfort food, including their famous wings which haven’t changed since then. Its ownership and location have changed over the years, but their wing recipe hasn’t. And since converting to natural gas in 2001, their use of natural gas to cook the delicious goods and heat their space hasn’t changed either!

Brad Cain and Pat Campbell are co-owners of Mama’s Brew Pub. While our Enbridge team chewed on a good meal, Brad joined them and gave them some good info to chew on, too.

Garett: How is Natural Gas used by Mama's Brew Pub?

Brad Cain: "It is used in all kitchen equipment and to heat the pub."

G: What do you like most about natural gas?

BC: "The reliable, instant heat!"

Patrick: What are you most proud of?

BC: "We started brewing our own beer around two years ago. A major expansion to include a micro-brewery in the facility beginning in 2014 was complete in 2016, and Mama’s Brew Pub Ales were available. We even have some pretty cool specialty and seasonal beers." Editor’s note: like pumpkin spice and chocolate peanut butter stout!

The Enbridge crew couldn’t partake in a brew because they were on the clock, but they were drooling over the options -- from Mama’s IPA to the British Brown Beard, the Kingston’s Crimson Ale, the Old World Pale Ale and the East Coast Dry Hop.

It’s been almost 20 years since they became a customer -- How time flies! -- Cheers to many more!