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A Q & A with UNB

Enbridge marketing assistant Garett Gee met up with Douglas Marion, Superintendent at UNB Fredericton’s central heating plant, at 950 College Hill Road to learn a little bit about how it works and how it uses natural gas.

The central heating plant produces steam from four industrial sized boilers, fueled from wood bio-mass, heavy and light oil as well as natural gas. Each is used depending on the climate, season and commodity pricing. The heating plant supplies steam, used in various heating and cooling systems, to the majority of the UNB Fredericton Buildings as well as several external clients close by.

It’s Douglas Marion’s job to ensure its operating efficiently and safely, and he says natural gas plays an important role at the plant.

Garett: How long has UNB Fredericton been using natural gas?

Douglas Marion: For approximately 12 years.

G: How is natural gas used?

DM: Natural gas is fired in all four of our boilers to generate steam for the UNB Fredericton Buildings and several other local buildings, including: St. Thomas University, Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital, the Research and Productivity Council, NB Provincial Archives and NB Provincial Soils Lab.

G: So a good portion of the steam produced from natural gas fuels the hospital too. Cool!

G: What percentage of energy generated comes from Natural Gas?

DM: 61% of the steam produced at the central heating plant is from natural gas. Wood bio-mass makes up less than 40% and oil is only 1%.

G: What do you enjoy most about natural gas?

DM: The consistent and reliable supply. No deliveries or storage to worry about.

G: What are you most proud of?

DM: My team. (Garth Miller, Dean Storey, Nick Stewart and Geoff McGillicuddy) I really have to give credit to the employees who really keep the facility running, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

A huge thanks to Douglas Marion for taking the time to speak with Garett! Keep an eye out for future natural gas customer profiles from Enbridge.